Doces the Bunny was formed in 1990 when singer/songwriter Nathan Hanley met guitarist Michael N. Paine while working at a deli in Redwood City, California. They soon enlisted Tyler Hanley, Nathan's brother and a drummer with a working drum set and an ear for rhythm.

They played regularly in the Hanley's family garage, playing through single guitar amps and recording their jams by tape on a stereo's single microphone. The guitars and drum set were taped together, and the sound was experimental and raw. The band was extremely influenced by the music scene exploding from Seattle, and their sound echoed it.

After years safely hidden in the garage, the band soon became a regular attraction at the Pioneer Saloon in Woodside, California. Finally, in 1997, they went into the studio to record a five-song EP titled "Happy Wednesday". They followed the recording with a string of live shows, mainly around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Not long after the recording, things changed for the band. They stayed close as friends, but distance eventually made songwriting together more difficult. Michael moved to Hawaii and Oregon, then eventually found his way back to California; while the Hanley Brothers stayed in the Bay Area and focused their attention on filmmaking.

Since Michael’s return to California, the band has found time to play small, intimate concerts; and have continued to stay very close as friends.

From time to time they will threaten to go on tour, or play live more regularly. And even though they still continue to write songs together occasionally, the band has yet to record a full-length album for public consumption.

Stay tuned.